Building your local business presence online is a process that takes time and the more time you put into strategically thinking about what you want to achieve the more chances you have of really succeeding.
Business owners marketing their business in a hurry usually end up with poor results because they have not taken the time to think through what it is they want to do and who it is they want to reach. This is an important part of digital marketing.
I want to offer some tips on some of the things you should consider when you begin to take the first steps in digital marketing:
Be Your Consistent Self
There is no need to put on a persona or try to be anything you are not when you come online – just focus on being you because your potential customers will value that.
Do your best to get into a regular habit in whatever you do and deliver on your promises. If your business promises one thing offline then promise the same thing online rather than have a completely different offer because that just causes confusion.
Don’t try and do it all alone
If all the work becomes too much for you because you are running your business as well as building your local business presence online, it is a good idea to look into outsourcing. When you outsource work it means you can get other people doing the work and they will be much faster than you can.
If your budget will stretch to getting help then do that because the returns will come in faster. What will take you four weeks to complete will take someone who knows what they are doing a day, which means you get online faster.
Pay your dues
In my local marketing toolkit I show professionals how to build a presence that will get people interested in what you do and ringing your phone – results have been fairly quick (within 90 days) but what you want to focus on here is the long term.
Be ready to put in the work that it will take to get noticed online and to stick with it until it really pays off and you find yourself in a position of being the person people always call when they need your product or service.
Know what you want and how you will get it
You need strategy and tactics in business to succeed and you also need them online too. Have a clear picture of what it is you want to achieve so when you start to implement the strategy you have the tactics that will help you succeed.
Think about who can help you too – form alliances with people so you are not having to do all the work yourself.
Don’t burn the midnight oil
It is really tempting to spend all your time online after work to make this happen. You find yourself on social media, answering questions maybe even taken part in an online interview or radio show.
Building your local business presence online is a full time job on its own so think about outsourcing as I said above and avoid the temptation to burn the midnight oil in order to get it done because you will find yourself burning out real fast!
I hope those five digital marketing tips have been helpful as a way of getting you thinking about building your local business presence online. If we can help you in anyway either by setting up your WordPress blog or providing training get in touch.