When I first started helping local business owners generate leads online using a business blog I loved the fact that my work would bring in prospective clients for them.

I realised something very important after visiting a client and hearing her on the phone.

I may generate leads but if you as a business owner are unable to convert them into business then you will always have a problem.

It wasn’t her fault ‘Susie‘ (not her real name) had been an employee for over 17 years. After being paid a huge redundancy fee decided to go into business for herself. She had very little sales training so wasn’t experienced at having to ‘ask for the sale’

There is a big difference between clients being handed to you from your employer and having to find them yourself as a business owner.

She had been generating leads online for over 10 months but her problem was knowing how to convert them into business. She never had a pipeline and her idea of ‘getting in touch’ was sending just one email and then waiting for a response. If the person didn’t get in touch she did nothing about it. Eventually I encouraged her to follow it up with a phone call as well at the very least!
As she had no pipeline she couldn’t really focus on her conversion rate or on increasing it – not having a way to measure how she was performing meant she was always struggling.

A big plus for her was the fact that her clients loved her and recommended her to family and friends so word-of-mouth was a source of income for her but she was missing out by not successfully converting the prospective clients who got in touch via her business blog into income.

The internet is a fantastic vehicle by which savvy local business owners can generate more income using a business blog but only as long as you do the work to convert those leads into business.

The great news is by the time someone fills in your enquiry form they are already interested in you and have either read your blog posts or watched your videos (if you create them) so they are a very warm business lead.