Last year I read a book called The Home Office from Hell Cure by Jeffrey A Landers and it sent such a flood of relief through my body as I realised I no longer had to work towards being something I didn’t want to be.

Online I have noticed that people are celebrated not for whether what they do is great but for how much money they make from it. That is my observation of the internet marketing mindset anyway. Get it up there, get it out there, move on to the next one and take in as much money as you can as fast as you can – so of course I took on the same mindset.

I was working towards putting stuff together that I really wasn’t that passionate about and at one point I even decided I didn’t care what I promoted and sent out some rubbish to my list that quickly saw people unsubscribing! I was a mess and it was the turning point for me deciding to distance myself from the whole internet marketing world.

It was around that time I found this great book called The Home Office From Hell Cure and read it. The book describes two styles and I identified myself in the second one.

The first one is a Growth Maven. These are the million dollar corporation people. They want a big office they want staff, they want recognition. Yuck. Just writing about it makes me feel sick to my stomach. I worked towards being a Growth Maven for 3 years and was so miserable.

‘Growth Mavens’ are firercely ambitious. They do not think small. The Growth Maven starts her business in her home office to keep expenses low, but is chomping at the bit to raise the company to new heights. Her dream is to grwo from a single person company to a multi-employee company and maybe even larger.

The second type of home based business owner is a Lifestyle Guru. This is definitely me!

A ‘Lifestyle Guru’ made the dream happen the first day that he didn’t go into the office! His dream was to leave the soulless corporation behind and be his own boss. He hates the commute, the suit, the cubicle, the office politics, and the crazy, overbearing bosses. He wants more – to not just feel like he is pushing paper until 6 o’clock. He wants to feel a sense of contribution and pride in his work. And he wants to do it his way.


Growth Mavens want to run million pound (dollar, yen…) corporations but Lifestyle Gurus want to earn a respectable six or even seven figure annual salary but we are not about to compromise what matters to us most – family, and being there to enjoy them.

Yesterday I was asked why I wasn’t more “out there” in the wide pubilc online marketing arena as I know quite a few people and my reply is a simple one and the same one I give over and over again.

“I would rather be in a room with 50 people who paid me £5,000 to be there than I would in a room of 500 people (even if they had paid £5,000 each!) because it is not the number of people who pay me that I am interested in but how to ensure the work I do actually has a positive outcome.”

I have met so many people who sit in a group of a few hundred people and try to learn what an expert is teaching them and it is next to impossible to really help that way. Yes, you can impart knowledge but most people leave more confused when they leave than when they arrived! Or they have so many options they are unsure about which one to take action on first and end up doing nothing.

My desire is to ensure I actually get people to leave the room with something tangible. Yesterday I taught a room of 9 people about blogging and those who wanted to start a blog – 5 of them did – left the training which was only 10-2.30pm with their own blog. Two people wanted to set up a gmail account and two others wanted to get on to Facebook. Everyone left with something. That is how I have decided to structure my business and maybe it will become my USP… all my training will leave people with something tangible and not just be a load of talk!

Typical Lifestyle Guru behaviour!

I picked the book up a few days ago and flicked it open. I landed on a page that talked about Lifestyle Gurus wanting to use freelance people and outsource work and to not  have employees and that made me smile because that is exactly the structure of Little Fish Media Company Limited (yes after weeks of waiting it is finally now a registered business with Companies House)

My aim is to get together and form collaborative partnerships with other online marketers so I can bid for larger work without having to do it all myself. I simply outsource it to people I know, like and trust. Plus I want to start training again and offering more mentoring/coaching/consultation.

If you are working at your online business and wondering why you are not enjoying it I recommend reading the book. Maybe it might help you to identify where you might be going wrong. Maybe you are living and working as a Lifestyle Guru when you are in fact a full fledge Growth Maven!

Through my online business strategy sessions I help anyone who is miserable and confused get really, really clear about what they are doing online and their next steps. If you need help getting clear call me on +44 208 242 4339 or catch me on Skype – no matter where you are in the world we can talk. I have spoken to people in Asia, Canada, America, Australia and all differents parts of Europe/UK – so I am flexible with timezones.

If nothing else buy yourself a copy of the book  “The Home Office From Hell Cure” – it will provide you with some great tips for becoming known as an authority in your chosen field – great for any business blogger to achieve.