I love social media. It definitely has its place for helping me get my message out there but the day will never come where I move my business onto social media and leave my own blog or domain empty.
If you compare being online to buying and renting, having your own domain that you host your own business blog on is like owning your own castle and having your business sitting on social media is like renting a room in the middle of Central London that’s the size of a broom cupboard because every one says its the trendy thing to do.
digital media blog and trainingI don’t know if it is because I witnessed the rise and fall of Myspace that I just don’t get excited about the long term use of social media as a vehicle for hosting my business on.
Or if it is because I was around when YouTube woke up one day and decided to change the rules about the type of video you could post thereby removing thousands of accounts that belonged to well known marketers who had spent years building it up.
For me there is something very temporary and fickle about social media. It comes and goes at the whim of what people decide is trendy, which is great because it means the power online really is in the hands of the consumer and can not be controlled by large business owners. Yes, I will use social media to gain attention for the work that I do but it will be to get people OFF there and on to my own domain.
When Google rewards you for adding content into its search engines you stand a much better chance of building a solid profile when that content comes off your own domain rather than a social media account.
Own your piece of the web by having your own domain, especially if you are running a business blog and you have your own local business. You want to be reaching out and building your own audience so eventually you have a group of people eager to listen to what you have to say.
I know its great to think if everyone is on Facebook why not just go fishing there and get their attention and you may capture it for a few minutes or maybe even a day or two before they forget you.
When you have your own business blog and you are sending out your own email marketing campaign you develop your own audience and nothing is more powerful than that.
So, if you believe you don’t need a blog because you can make do with a Facebook page re-consider. After all research has shown that over 90% of people who Like your page never return.
The only way to keep them coming back is to remain active on it every single day. That same time can be spent writing a blog post that will be around for months and years from now and will build your local business up in the eyes of the search engines.
Just my humble opinion 🙂