You completed your research and sat and wrote your content, now it is time to start thinknig about marketing an eBook online so it can fulfil its outcome (which you also stopped to consider!) As eBook writers we need to be problem solvers because when you can solve the problem of ….

How to lose two stone without going hungry OR

How to power walk your way to fitness in less than 15 minutes a day

You will find that learning how to market an eBook really isn’t that difficult because people find YOU!

When you are writing the content for your eBook you want to make sure you are reaching the heart of the problem and whenever possible that your keyword phrase is in the title of the book so when you write blog posts you can keep using your most important keyword phase over and over again….
For example this eBook is called “A Beginners Guide To Writing An eBook” and the sub headline is “Time tested tips and strategies to help you get started”

It explains what the ebook is about, who it is for, and how it is going to help the reader. You can find a copy here

Another example is
“How to overcome adult acne and have glowing clear skin in less than 10 days”
Most definitely for adults rather than teens, the image you place on the eBook may decide to focus in on women or men or you may leave it open for both. You also want to make sure that you talk directly to your niche market.

How to lose two stone without going hungry – your market is people with two stone or more to lose. Right now it could be men or women, maybe even teens so you might want to narrow it down and/or have the actual market splashed on the title. How to lose two stone without going hungry FOR TEENS…. FOR WOMEN… FOR MEN OVER 50….

That at least helps you zone into who you are talking to directly and will help you market your eBook.

“How to power walk your way to fitness in less than 15 minutes a day”

Here you are looking for busy people, maybe they work hectic jobs and they don’t have time… or maybe you focus it in on new mothers who are raising children.

This is just a quick overview of the different ways of marketing an eBook by using the title and your keywords. This is what people will be typing in when they are searcing for solutions so you really want to make sure you do what you can to include them.

•eBook publishg
•adult acne
•power walking

What are your keywords?

Focus on long tail keywords to market your eBook

A long tail keyword is a keyword made up of 3 or 4 words that people use to find information. usually with shorter keywords like “weight loss” or “adult acne” people are mainly searching for information on the topic and are not looking to buy. You need to still use them because they will help bring you visitors who may comment on your great information (if they are generous 😉 )

If your aim though is to sell eBooks then your focus needs to be on long tail keywords like

“how to overcome adult acne”

“solutions to overcome adult acne”

“lose weight power walking”

Research has shown that when people use long-tail keywords such as these they are actually searching for a solution and they will consider buying something to help. At this point you want them to find your eBook!

This easiest way to successfully sell your eBooks is to make sure you do all you can to make it easy on yourself to be found by the people searching.  Yes, you may want to have a creative title like “Dream Now, Believe Then, Achieve Later” or something (off the top of my head) but that doesn’t mean anything. If you are a therapist who helps people overcome phobias and you give your eBook that title as pretty and creative as it may be you make the job of generating leads for your therapy business more difficult.

Make life easy on yourself. When you have four or five eBooks out on the internet generate leads for you then get creative but at the beginning stick to what works….

“10 things you should consider before booking your first marriage counsellor”

Is easier to market so it will be found based upon its keywords than an eBook called  “Don’t Get Even Get Help!”

The second title is creative but does not help the search engines distinguish exactly what it is and so it may not appear in the search results as often as it would if someone is searching for a marriage counsellor.

I hope that gives you some idea about writing an ebook title and what you need to focus on. For more ideas, tips and stratgies get a copy of my eBook for beginners – click the link below: