Website hosting can also be called simply hosting, or web hosting. It is a service that lets you house, maintain and serve website files so that when someone types in your domain name – e.g. – your website shows up.

Your website will be stored on a very large and special computer called a server. It would be very expensive for you to have to buy your own server and so a website hosting company sells you a very small piece of their server. That “piece” is known as your hosting account.

In order for website hosting to work your website requires a domain name and the hosting. They are connected together via something called a Name Server, which your hosting company provides. You add the Name Server of your hosting account to your domain name and the two are then connected together.

That’s when the fun starts because once your website is up the search engines come along and take a look at it, they then store it so that if anyone is searching they can bring up your website. It is important that your website is stored by the search engines, which is why we will alert them to the fact that your business website is up when you use our services.

Once your domain and hosting are connected services like WordPress can be added and your website can be put together. You will also be able to do other things like set up your own email account.

Different Hosting Options

There are different options available when you buy hosting for your website and the most common one chosen by small business owners is Shared Hosting.

With Shared Hosting your website and a number of others are all sharing a server plus any software applications the server provides. The main downside with shared hosting is that it can be slower than the other options but it is also cheaper. Think of shared hosting like shared housing – loads of people all living together and sharing the facilities available.

Compare that with dedicated hosting which allows your website to be hosted on the server all alone. It’s like owning your own property. However, this option is much more expensive. It is meant for larger business owners or a business that wants to stream its own videos, or needs extra security.

Professional Email Account

Having a professional email account is important to your business image. Rather than have an email address from a free account with your own website hosting you will be able to add a professional domain (or .com)

Website Hosting Provided

Digitally Connected provide free hosting for your first year when you buy our Affordable Website Package, we will also set up two professional email accounts for you and make sure the search engines know about your new website.

As you can see website hosting is essential if you are going to have a website for your small business.